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Heavenly Sanctuary: Protection of the Guardian Angel

Heavenly Sanctuary: Protection of the Guardian Angel

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With a deep and refined approach, this composition evokes the divine connection between humans and angels. Each solid wooden house is a small universe in itself, and the protection of the brown angel with piercing blue eyes manages to capture the spiritual essence of the work. The halo adorned with gold leaf emits a subtle light, complemented by the gradient blue background, which seems to depict the infinity of the sky.

The tall cottage, with its contoured windows and cheerful flowers, is a statement of love for nature and simplicity, evoking the beauty and joy of a home full of life and colour.

The wooden wizard, placed gracefully between the two houses, is a symbol of the light and warmth that surrounds the family. Refined details such as jute, white lace and rattan thread add a touch of elegance, making this work a true masterpiece.

Detail Description
Type of Work: Set of wooden houses and wizard
Material: Solid wood, glass, jute, lace, rattan
Painting technique: manual on glass
Decoration: Angel, window, flowers, gold leaf
Dimensions: 18×14.5×13.5×5×13cm

Note: Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality and quality of the work. Careful handling is recommended to preserve the luster and detail of this wonderful work of art.

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