Reflected Angels: Reimagined on Glass by Ioana Belțic Piassoni

  • Painting on glass

    Painting angels, I find myself in childhood memories and in my connection with the divine. Each brush that touches the canvas revives the feelings of childhood, charged with purity, love and fascination for these divine beings. In them I see not only symbols of holiness, but reflections of my own soul and aspirations.

  • Why is it different?

    In my interpretation, traditional iconography intertwines with personal vision. A bridge is created between the ancestral sacred and everyday life, transposing daily moments into scenarios where angels are the protagonists.

  • Why do I like it?

    This connection with angels defines me as an artist. Every color and feature adds depth, providing inspiration. This art not only celebrates but also explores identity and the forces that guide me. Angels are extensions of my vision.



Two solid wood houses, decorated with 2mm glass (applied to the houses),... 

Ioana paints