Ioana Beltic Piassoni

Between restoration and art

Meeting an exhibition of glass painting is always a reason of interest for admirers of this artistic genre. The viewer's expectations target, as it is consecrated by tradition, the icon from Transylvania - the historical and cultural space, in which this craft developed in Romania, since the 17th-18th centuries. Unlike the Byzantine icon on wood (in which the canons of pictorial representation do not allow nuances), the icon on glass, unfettered by imperative ermines, often adds religious themes, secular particularities, inspired by everyday life or local peasant customs. Moreover, the decorative and chromatic elements harmonize Western and Eastern roots, in an original composition with a strong visual impact.

Ioana Beltic Piassoni's creativity valued the liberation from canons and opened the way to a new kind of painting on glass - icons with diaphanous and reinvented angels - for the category of the youngest art lovers: children. The history of art does not refer to artistic currents or painters exclusively concerned with a theme intended for children. Ioana Beltic, herself a mother, intuitively perceived the consecration niche and initiated it, with the natural emotion of maternal sensitivity, dedicated to the spiritual cultivation of children, in the sacred universe of an immaculate world. And he paints angels inspired by various realms: religious iconography, fairy tales and stories, mythology, which he brings to life in expressive images, individual or in the sequence of the narrative, impressive through physiognomic expressiveness, brightness and intense color.

Through her painting, Ioana Beltic Piassoni, plastic restorer, reinvented herself creatively and launched an artistic challenge, valuable in itself through originality, but, no less valuable, through quality educational consequences on the formation of children's personality: an art with angels, for angels.

Dr. Filofteia Pally , researcher. st., national expert in Romanian ethnography,
Vice President of the Association of Open Air Museums in Romania - AMALR

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