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Piassoni Art

Angel's Dream on Christmas Night (05)

Angel's Dream on Christmas Night (05)

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In this masterpiece, tentatively titled "Christmas Reverie", the artist leans on the sublime and ephemeral of the winter holidays, portraying an angelic creature that transcends the limits of temporality. The little angel, depicted in a meditative position, seems to capture and meditate on the essence of the holidays, sharing with the viewer a world full of magic.

His subtle facial features, the freckles that ennoble his face and his eyes closed in contemplation, all add a depth drowned in melancholy. Her blue bonnet, decorated with lace and contrasted dynamically with its diamond-red back, frames and emphasizes her rich brown hair. The candy cane, emblem of the festive season, and the red heart, remind us of the joy and love that surrounds the holidays. The vibrant costumes, green dress and yellow suit give her a lively and dynamic presence, while the golden fins and halo merge to create an ethereal atmosphere.

The gray-green gradients of the background are dotted with snowflakes, introducing us to a wintry world, a landscape where time seems to have stopped, waiting for a miracle.

Technical specifications:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass
Thickness 2 mM
Form Circle
Diameter 12 cm
Colors used Water colors (Tempera)
Additional materials Gold foil, Permanent Marker
Border decoration Textile material (Organza)
Hanging Mechanism given
Certificate of authenticity Glued on the back
Artist's signature Present


Note: This delicate piece must be handled with care, respecting both the fragile nature of the glass and the mastery of the details created by the artist.

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