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Piassoni Art

The Pink Angel: Contemplation and Ilex (06)

The Pink Angel: Contemplation and Ilex (06)

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In the heart of the festive season, this exceptional work painted on glass by our contemporary artist embodies the spirit of the holidays in a bright and subtle way. The baby angel, with a center parting in her brown hair and deep brown eyes, appears to be looking up at the heavens, looking up at the unknown. The freckles and flushed cheeks reveal an image of innocence, while the gold lace on the cuffs and the heart carefully stitched on the chest of her blouse add a regal and precious air.

The sprig of Ilex, strategically placed behind her, evokes the celebration of Christmas and the traditions that accompany it, serving as a perfect complement to the central character. The background, with sophisticated gradients of pink and fuchsia, creates a vibrant contrast that highlights every detail of this wonderful piece of art.

The artistic aspects, such as the use of tempera colors, the addition of gold foil and the graphic details made with permanent marker, highlight the artist's dexterity and meticulousness. Every touch seems intentional and full of feeling.

Technical specifications:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass
Thickness 2 mM
Form Circle
Diameter 12 cm
Colors used Water colors (Tempera)
Additional materials Gold foil, Permanent Marker
Border decoration Textile material (Organza)
Hanging Mechanism given
Certificate of authenticity Glued on the back


Note: The work is an original creation, signed by the artist. Careful handling is recommended due to its delicate nature and meticulous artistic detail.

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