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Botanical Beauty on Glass: The Splendor of the Triptych

Botanical Beauty on Glass: The Splendor of the Triptych

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  1. Triptych Floral: Refined Elegance on Glass"
  2. "Splendid Floral Glass Triptych"
  3. "Botanical Beauty in Glass: The Triptych Splendor"

Work Description: "Flower Triptych" is an artistic jewel made on 2mm glass, in which the colors of the water combine harmoniously to give life to an amazing floral show. This captivating work features an architectural element embellished with gold leaf, surrounded by varied flowers, rich in colors and sizes. Each flower, with shades of blue, red and purple, is delicately painted, and subtle gradients add depth and texture to the composition.

The painting is mounted on a wooden support in the form of a triptych, reminiscent of cobalt shades. The two doors of the triptych can be closed to protect and highlight the work. The subtle background, in a shade of off-white, provides a pleasant setting for the entire composition. A golden thread surrounds the edges, adding an extra touch of elegance and finesse to the whole work.

With dimensions of 21x18cm on the outside and 14x9cm on the inside, this glass triptych can prove to be a gift of exquisite beauty, suitable both for loved ones and for lovers of art and refinement.

This triptych brings nature inside your home and adds a touch of freshness and color. It is a unique work of art, signed by the artist, that will transform your space into a place of beauty and inspiration.

Technical data:

External dimensions 21 x 18 cm
Internal dimensions 14 x 9 cm
TECHNICAL Painting on glass, gold foil
Support Wood (Tryptic)
Additional note Each work comes with a certificate of authenticity

We invite you to explore this wonderful work of art and bring beauty to your home. With each purchase, you are assured of a unique, signed and authentic piece that will bring sophistication to your life. Thank you for choosing to purchase art!

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