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Heart of the Stars: Portrait of Gentleness (09)

Heart of the Stars: Portrait of Gentleness (09)

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Upon encountering this wonderful work, the observer is immediately captivated by the serenity and gentleness emanating from the angel's gaze. His satin hair and deep green eyes complete the image of purity and candor. The delicate freckles and flushed cheeks suggest a touch of playfulness, while the simple gesture of resting one's head on one's palm expresses deep contemplation.

The blue blouse with white cuffs and collar, embellished with red hearts, and the contrasting bright red skirt infuse the work with pops of color and personality. All this is accentuated by the gradient cream background, on which three large stars, enriched with gold leaf, shine with rare elegance, perhaps symbolizing the wishes or dreams of the angel.

Technical aspects such as the use of water colors, gold leaf and graphic outlines drawn with permanent marker add an extra level of sophistication and fine detail that highlights the artistry behind this piece.


Technical specifications:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass
Thickness 2 mM
Form Circle
Diameter 12 cm
Colors used Water colors (Tempera)
Additional materials Gold foil, Permanent Marker
Border decoration Textile material (Organza)
Hanging Mechanism given
Certificate of authenticity Glued on the back


Note: Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality and quality of the work. Careful handling is recommended due to the exquisite detail and priceless artistic value.

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