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Piassoni Art

The Angel Reader: Transport Your Dreams (and Books) in Style!

The Angel Reader: Transport Your Dreams (and Books) in Style!

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Hello, the future "cool kid" of the city! 😎 We present to you the bag that turns every day into a story: a relaxed angel, reading and enjoying a hot tea. Oh, how we would like to be in his place! With reddish-brown hair contrasting with his black satchel and blue blouse, this angel is emblematic of all book lovers who are always on the run.

And since I mentioned "on the run"...thinking about where to put your laptop or college books? This bag is the perfect solution! Made from 100% natural cotton, with an ideal size for your hectic day. Plus, you'll be sure to turn heads with the blue lace detailing and dark blue velvet cord.

Keep your style and personality with #PiassoniArt!

Technical Data :

Characteristic Detail
Material 100% natural cotton
Color Black
handle 67 cm long
size 38×42 cm
Design Angel reading with tea
accents Blue lace and dark blue velvet cord
Collection #PiassoniArt

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