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The Sweetness of Christmas:An Angelic Candy Cane Portrait (07)

The Sweetness of Christmas:An Angelic Candy Cane Portrait (07)

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Entering the universe of this work of art is like a journey to the center of the Christmas spirit. The gaze of the angelic little girl exudes an innocence and purity reminiscent of the magic of the holidays. Her long, wavy hair in shades of light satin is a perfect harmony with her sparkling green eyes, and her freckles and flushed cheeks add a touch of cheerfulness.

The red hat, decorated with a green ribbon with white dots, is a detail that immediately catches the eye, giving it a special personality. The blue dress and white blouse with gold collar build a sartorial picture that combines the traditional with modern elements, while the sugar cane and the bouquet of flowers in her hand illustrate the symbols of the winter holidays.

This glass painting is a testament to fine detail and craftsmanship. The gradient green background, sprinkled with snowflakes, creates a splendid contrast with the central figure, accentuating his presence and brilliance. The subtle fins and golden halo add a divine, eternal touch.

Technical specifications:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass
Thickness 2 mM
Form Circle
Diameter 12 cm
Colors used Water colors (Tempera)
Additional materials Gold foil, Permanent Marker
Border decoration Textile material (Organza)
Hanging Mechanism given
Certificate of authenticity Glued on the back


Note: Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality and quality of the work. Careful handling is recommended to preserve the luster and detail of this wonderful work of art.

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nice work. congratulations