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Piassoni Art

Balloons of Colors and Dreams: Wonderland on Glass

Balloons of Colors and Dreams: Wonderland on Glass

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"Wonderland" is a masterpiece in the world of glass art, a work that invites you to explore a wonderful, romantic world and daydream. Looking at this painting, you will feel as if you have been transported to a world full of colorful balloons floating in a Prussian blue sky, like in a dream.
This painting on 2mm thin glass uses water colors in shades of red, brown and Prussian blue, all carefully created in subtle gradients. Each building and lantern is rendered with a finesse that adds sophistication to the entire work, creating a magical atmosphere. Brightly colored balloons with precise graphics add depth and a sense of joy to the work.
The dimensions of the work are generous, with 34x39cm in total, and the painting area inside the frame is 20x25cm. The wide 8cm frame elegantly completes this creation.
"Wonderland" is definitely a work worth taking the time to explore in detail and is proudly part of our #PiassoniArt collection.
Technical Data :
  • Total dimensions: 34x39 cm
  • Work dimensions: 20x25 cm
  • Technique: Painting on glass (2mm)
  • Materials: Water colors

Note : Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the originality and quality of the work.

Dear customers! The glass painting shown in our store is for illustrative purposes only. Due to the uniqueness of each creation, the work you will receive may have slight variations from the image shown. We assure you that each piece is genuine and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its originality and quality. Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your choice to purchase art!

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i love this one!