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Piassoni Art

Tinkerbells of Magic: A Guardian Angel of the Holidays (02)

Tinkerbells of Magic: A Guardian Angel of the Holidays (02)

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In the middle of winter, when white garments cover everything and the silence is disturbed only by the laughter of children, artists are inspired by the charm of the holidays to create exceptional pieces of art. The work presented masterfully combines the fine details of the stories born on Christmas Eve with modern and traditional glass painting techniques.

The young protagonist, captured in a pensive posture, invites us into his inner universe of contemplation and magic. The golden bells, shining thanks to the gold foil, contrast with the elegant background in shades of brown, suggesting a note of solemnity and tranquility specific to the evening of the birth of the Lord. The details of the little boy's clothing, the green coat accessorized with orange patches and the red boots, remind us of the cheerful spirit of childhood and the moments of play in the cold December days.

Harmoniously ending the composition, the delicate wings and golden halo amplify the likeness of a guardian angel, watching over the magic of Christmas and loved ones. The organza finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, turning the piece into not just an ornament, but a true work of art.

Technical specifications:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass
Thickness 2 mM
Form Circle
Diameter 12 cm
Colors used Water colors (Tempera)
Additional materials Gold foil, Permanent Marker
Border decoration Textile material (Organza)
Hanging Mechanism given
Certificate of authenticity Glued on the back


Note: Handle with care due to the delicate nature of the glass and the artistic details.

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