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Piassoni Art

Fly Through the Day with our Magical Angel Bag!

Fly Through the Day with our Magical Angel Bag!

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Well, darlings! 🌟 Whoever said that bags are boring hasn't seen our bag with the angel from Poznan yet! With his magic wand and wavy blonde hair, this angel is ready to bring a touch of magic to your every day.

Are you on the run to classes or a date with friends? No problem! His gold-rimmed halo and black hat, adorned with colorful flowers, will make you feel like you have wings. And let's not forget the long handles - just perfect for carrying comfortably over the shoulder!

It's made from 100% natural cotton and, let's be serious, has that vibe you want next to you. Plus, it's part of the wonderful #PiassoniArt collection, so you're about to make a very stylish choice!

Technical Data :

Characteristic Detail
Material 100% natural cotton
handle 67 cm long
size 38×42 cm
Design Poznań angel with magic wand
accents Black hat with multicolored flowers and white outline
Collection #PiassoniArt

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