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Eternal Refuge: The Sacredness of the Guarded Dwelling

Eternal Refuge: The Sacredness of the Guarded Dwelling

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When you look at this composition, the soul is touched by a deep peace, evoked by the delicacy of the details and the story it tells. The guardian angel, the one who watches over the little house, is rendered with great finesse, managing to capture the gaze with the intensity of his blue eyes and the red blouse that radiates in gradients. The angel, like an eternal protector, suggests the idea that any home, regardless of its size, can be a sanctuary of peace and love.

The technique of applying glass on wood, specific to glass painting, together with the jute and lace finish, gives a rustic and authentic air to the work. Details such as the windows outlined in white and the happy flowers drawn on the house, bring joy and simplicity to the fore.

The central wizard is a symbol of the inner light and warmth that can radiate from a home. Surrounded by the two cottages, it creates an intimate atmosphere, invoking the feeling of family and unity.

Detail Description
Type of Work: Set of wooden houses and wizard
Material: Solid wood, glass, jute, lace, rattan
Painting technique: manual on glass
Decoration: Angel, window, flowers, gold leaf
Dimensions: 18×14.5×13.5×5×13cm

Note: Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality and quality of the work. Careful handling is recommended to preserve the luster and detail of this wonderful work of art.

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