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Piassoni Art

Divine Light: The Sacred Portrait of the Mother of God

Divine Light: The Sacred Portrait of the Mother of God

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With a craftsmanship that brings subtle details and rich hues to the fore, this contemporary work manages to capture the sacred essence of the Virgin Mary in a modern approach to the traditional icon. The deep lights and shadows of the cover, which evolve into indigo tones and the elegant edges, accented with gold leaf, give the image a rare intensity and spirituality.

Only one of the three stars, symbol of the Holy Trinity, found its place on this work, suggesting the theological mysteries and the depth of devotion. The finely detailed gilded crown crowns the one titled "Queen of Heaven," emphasizing her divine authority and her central role in our faith.

Every detail of the composition amplifies the spiritual narrative: from the paper lace evoking sacral finesse and delicacy, to the dried flowers and the ear of wheat, symbols of nature and life itself. The wooden sacred board, surrounded by layers of rattan, manages to add an organic and natural touch, making this piece not only an object of art, but also an object of devotion.

Ideal to be given to loved ones or to be purchased in appreciation of the special technique in which it was made, this work is a true work of sacred art from the #PiassoniArt collection.


Technical data:

Characteristic Detail
Material Glass 2mm, Wood, Rattan
Representation mother of God
Dominant colors Indigo, Red, Gold
accents Gold Leaf, Lace, Flowers
Dimensions (approximate) [Not specified]
Collection #PiassoniArt


Note: Each piece is a unique creation, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality and quality of the work.

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